Client Quotes

Job Seekers

NOVA has been a great source of support in efforts to find employment. It provides excellent job counseling and resources to enable an effective job search.  —Victoria F.

[The NOVA Job Center] is excellent! I drove from Hollister just to take advantage of your services. It was only by word of mouth that I found out about your excellent program.  —Steve V.

Beyond being an organization that prepares and supports individuals in their job search … the professional staff provide an emotional uplift with their smiles and empathy during a difficult time. Thank you.  —Terry E.

I felt the information given was very informative, enlightening, thought evoking, well paced, and presented well. Thank you for making job seekers aware of today’s market and some of the changes we face here in Silicon Valley. To me, it is important to at least be aware of the new "game plan" and how it will affect today's job seekers.  —Anonymous

I have taken numerous classes throughout my lifetime. I have never enjoyed a class as much as this one. The instructor was well prepared, possessed excellent presentation skills, was empathetic, and shared the information with humor and enough animation to keep the class actively engaged at all times. Many thanks for offering assistance with training toward employment and success.  —Elizabeth H.

Using information from [the LinkedIn] workshop, I put up my own LinkedIn profile. Without the workshop, I would have stumbled many times and given up. Within two hours I had a private profile. The next day, I searched for former coworkers. Last night, I updated my profile and made it public. Thank you!  —Jean M.

Thought provoking ... [NOVA staff] really helped me to calm down and focus on the task at hand. Thank you.  —Jamel G.

The worksheets to think up stories based on the attributes was very helpful. Now I am much better prepared having done the exercise once in class already!  —Riya S.

Really learned a lot in practicing mock interviews. I have a lot to learn about interviewing, especially since my last interview was over ten years ago. Good job, NOVA! Thank you.  —Sheila L.

The class and the instructor were most excellent! I compared this course to those that I've taken previously. Those seminars cost big bucks; this one was free! I am so grateful … that there will be more courses such as this available through NOVA in the future. Thank you!  —Robin V.


"We so appreciate our partnership with NOVA in service of supporting our clients in their career transition and we will continue to encourage them to take advantage of NOVA."   —Susanne Mulcahy, Right Management Consultants


I didn’t want to be another dropout, just another teenage mom…. [The NOVA Youth Program] opened my eyes to the fact that I could do so much more with my own life.  —Yolanda

[My worksite mentor] pushed me to get a four-year bachelor’s degree or even a master’s. She had confidence in me and persuaded me to do different things. She would always be there for me and that really helped….  —Cuauhtemoc

I like to take on tasks and in that work I was able to take on a lot of tasks. I like having something to do in my life and that work definitely kept my life moving and kept me going. [NOVA staff] gave me that stepping stone.  —Jimiyo

[My worksite supervisor] urged me to go to college. I’m following his advice. [In ten years,] I see myself finishing school and getting a career.  —Pablo

[The NOVA Youth Program has] been a really positive learning experience. I feel like I’m able to grow and gain skills toward something I want to do…. Without NOVA, I would not be where I am today.  —Ausharre

I told [NOVA staff] my situation and right away they told me they would help. I really wanted to get back on track with my education and work.  —Yvette