Communication Essentials

Communication Essentials provides training in the skills of communication, facilitation, and colaboration. These are the skills you wish everyone on your staff had so that your organization could accomplish more. We offer classes for your employees at your place of business or on the NOVA campus. 

Employee Training

NOVA provides the Communication Essentials skills training in many different formats… you can choose the option that works best for your organization: half-day sessions on specific topics or multi-day offerings that can be provided on consecutive days or over a longer time frame. The curriculum can be tailored to meet your needs. Sample offerings include:
  • Listening to Customers and Co-workers

This highly interactive workshop focuses on the essential skill of active listening to enhance customer relations and reduce conflict. It is great for new employees or as a refresher for your seasoned staff.

  • Advanced Communicating Skills for Challenging Situations

Consider this fast-paced workshop for your seasoned staff that would like additional skills for reducing misunderstandings, building rapport, and handling upset customers.

  • Team Tools

Consider this fast paced workshop for your team kick-offs or to energize and focus an established team. Practical tools such as effective meeting tools and building consensus are presented.

  • Problem Solving

Topics include: five systematic steps to better problem solving; identifying problems; discovering customer expectations; finding the root cause; problem solving in a group; brainstorming solutions; and implementing and monitoring solutions.

Benefits of Communication Essentials 

The Communication Essentials Program is an innovative training program focusing on the essential skills of communication, team building and problem solving. These skills will help your employees to:
  • build collaboration;
  • manage interpersonal issues;
  • cut to the heart of complex problems; and 
  • achieve business goals.

When you invest time and money in training, you want your employees to successfully apply what they have learned. The following features of our program help ensure this application of new skills on the job: 

  • Skill development classes feature small group size and relevant content developed by a Silicon Valley Human Resources Manager. Participants have an opportunity to practice essential skills through practical, interactive exercises and coaching.

  • Our enthusiastic and committed trainers have extensive backgrounds in individual coaching as well as group facilitation, and are seasoned in their abilities to create supportive learning environments.

  • We offer flexible options for customization, scheduling and training locations; purchase the training options you need, when and when you need them!

  • Communication Essentials is competitively priced. Please contact us at for more information.

Our Track Record

Of the workshop attendees responding to our evaluations, 92% report that Communication Essentials has helped them achieve positive results on the job in at least one of the following areas: improving communication with co-workers, increasing productivity, increasing job satisfaction and/or resolving a workplace conflict; and nearly half report that they've achieved positive results in all four areas.

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