NOVA in the Community

China Delegation Visits NOVA

On October 17, the China Zhuzhou Human Resources Management Delegation visited NOVA. The delegation, consisting of 15 high-ranking government officials, visited the United States to learn more about the current labor market and personnel management here and the services that are provided to both workers and businesses in workforce development. Zhuzhou is in the Hunan Province, located in central China, which is considered an industrial city with four key industries: metallurgy, machine manufacture, chemicals and building materials, and a new high-tech industrial development zone approved by the state council. The visit to the Bay Area was coordinated by the U.S.—China Exchange Council (USCEC) in Union City, who is dedicated to professional exchange programs between the U.S. and China. During this visit, NOVA learned as much from them as they learned from us.

Visit with Santa Clara County Realignment Coordinators

As part of the 2011-2012 State Budget negotiations, a new criminal justice realignment proposal, AB 109, was approved that would move less violent offenders from the state prisons to the county jails and transition minimum-security, low-risk offenders from the county jails into the community through the development of community-based rehabilitation programs. The NOVA Director, Kris Stadelman, had the pleasure of meeting with Captain Tony Beliveau from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department and Buu Thai, the new Re-entry Resource Center Coordinator from the County Executive’s Office, who are overseeing the county’s realignment efforts, to tour the new re-entry resource center and to learn more about the County’s efforts working with the formerly incarcerated. This was also an opportunity to explore how NOVA can work together with the County given NOVA’s success with this population through its New Start program. The director also had the pleasure of meeting with Sheila Mitchell from the County Probation Department to explore how NOVA can work more closely with the County Probation Department, as well.

Presentations at California Workforce Association’s Meeting of the Minds Conference

In September, the NOVA Director, Kris Stadelman, was invited to present at the California Workforce Association’s annual Meeting of the Minds leadership conference in Monterey. The director presented on two panels focusing on working with employers and developing sector-based demand-side strategies in partnership with business to better address workforce needs. The director cited as an example of a best practice NOVA’s Solartech Workforce Innovations Collaborative (SWIC) initiative.

Meeting with U.S. Under Secretary, Martha Kanter

On September 10, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group organized a roundtable discussion on STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) curriculum and workforce development with the U.S. Under Secretary of Education, Martha Kanter. The NOVA Director, Kris Stadelman, attended this event, held at Google headquarters in Mountain View, and was joined by representatives from the community colleges, businesses, neighboring workforce boards from San Mateo and Alameda counties and the NOVA Workforce Board. The discussion was very insightful and informative with many takeaways for NOVA’s future collaboration with the education community and work with the U.S. Department of Labor.  Following the roundtable discussion, the director had the opportunity to attend a lunch with Ms. Kanter in a more intimate setting and learned more about the future focus and opportunities for workforce development that are being discussed in Washington, D.C.

Sectors Presentation in Des Moines, Iowa

On September 27, the NOVA Director, Kris Stadelman, presented on designing sector skill panels at a conference in Des Moines, Iowa, hosted by the Auto Communities Consortium (ACC). ACC is a consortium of 35 community colleges from across the country that are located in communities that have either been negatively or positively impacted by the decline or expansion of auto manufacturing including the supply chain. As part of ACC’s planning, it had expressed an interest in designing a skills panel process by sector(s) that incorporates input from the business and workforce development communities to ensure a sector has the necessary talent to fill future jobs. In the director’s previous position with the Seattle Workforce Development Council, she designed a skills panel process targeting niche markets and NOVA is currently exploring possible skills panels specific to the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industries.

Working Partnerships, USA Forum

On October 3, NOVA Director, Kris Stadelman, was invited to present at the “Life in the Valley Economy 2012 Policy Summit”, convened by Working Partnerships, USA, with the release of its biannual economic report, Life in the Valley Economy. The event included a keynote address from former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Ro Khanna, and two panel presentations, “Good Jobs Now” and “Building the Future.” The director participated on the “Building the Future” panel, and was joined by Rene Santiago, Deputy County Executive from the County of Santa Clara, Shiloh Ballard from the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and Santa Clara County Board of Supervisor, Dave Cortese. The focus of the director’s presentation was on the training and employment needs of Silicon Valley’s workforce in the future.