Updates New Job Board Facilitates Recruitment in Real Time

Last December, NOVA's Employer Services team implemented a new online Job Board, where customers can more readily post and access job opportunities through the NOVA website. Since its launch, there have been many successes.

By moving job postings to an Internet-based system, NOVA is now able to post most jobs for employers within 24 hours of receipt, and employers have been pleased with the response they have received. One employer received seven responses from prospective job candidates in less than two hours! The Job Board has also been extremely successful with NOVA job seekers in facilitating their access to employment and providing a better match to their skill-sets through the enhanced job descriptions. Comments from NOVA’s customer satisfaction survey stated, “Love the new job listing site!” and another commented, “The ease of having a chance to search for jobs within the Job Board will give me a chance to associate and apply what I have newly learned from attending classes.” NOVA career advisors have also benefited from having a central place to view all job postings and the ability to quickly search for job openings so that they can better assist their job seeker customers.

One consequence of the new Job Board has been a huge increase in traffic to the NOVA website. Comparing pre-Job Board web traffic to post-, average daily visits increased 61%. The Job Board pages have received over 200,000 page views from launch to date, or 46% of total web page views, averaging about 600 views per day. Visitors to NOVA's website are now likely to visit more times and stay on the site longer. Mobile visits to NOVA’s website immediately rose over 100% when the Job Board was launched and have continued their upward trend. The weekly Hot Jobs e-mail blasts have proven especially effective in driving job seekers to view jobs on the Job Board, with spikes in viewership every time they are released (one day the board had an astounding 3,336 views!).

Moving job postings to the Internet has also given NOVA staff the ability to use data to make decisions, which was not the case with the “on the bulletin board” job postings. For example, NOVA is able to track which postings are viewed the most, and then highlight similar jobs in its weekly e-blasts.

For more information about NOVA's staffing solutions, you can contact a NOVA business liaison at (408) 730-7232 or send an email