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A White Paper: Analysis of WIA Performance Measures and the Integrated Service Delivery Model

NOVA utilizes an Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) model that allows NOVA to serve everyone who walks through its doors and thus serve a larger volume of customers. This model also empowers job seekers to take responsibility for their own job search and to take advantage of support from fellow job seekers in a group-like setting. Statewide, 12 (out of 49) local workforce investment boards use the ISD model. This differs from the traditional case management model that most local workforce investment boards in California still utilize that provides a more intensive one-on-one approach and serves far fewer customers. Across the country, states have chosen to institute one or the other model or sometimes both for its workforce development system. One consequence of choosing one model over the other is the impact it has on the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) performance measures: serving more customers lowers achievement with performance measures and serving fewer, more select customers raises performance results.

Over the past several months, the California Workforce Investment Board has entered into discussions with the local workforce investment boards around performance measures goals and, in response, NOVA produced a white paper that analyzes the particular benefits and consequences of the ISD and non-ISD models as they relate to performance measures. It is anticipated that discussions about the relative pros and cons of these different models will continue within California, as well as across the country, especially in light of the continued high demand for workforce development services from the thousands of unemployed workers seeking assistance and the steep decline in funding to provide these services. Whichever model is used, it will be important to consider the impact on customers and related performance measures.