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NOVA and San Jose State University
Co-Sponsor Career Forum

On October 8, NOVA, in partnership with the San Jose State University (SJSU) Career Center, co-sponsored the Nonprofit and Public Service Job, Internship and Volunteer Forum. Held at the SJSU Student Union, the event began with a panel discussion about opportunities in the nonprofit and public sectors, which was then followed by an interactive networking and recruiting fair with exhibitors from nearly 40 organizations sharing information about their services and volunteer and employment opportunities. SJSU students and NOVA job seekers, totaling 250 in attendance, were able to explore career options in the public and nonprofit sectors and make important contacts with employers in these fields. And employers appreciated the mix of college students and adults for the diversity of experience and interests. Although NOVA and SJSU have referred customers to each other’s programs in the past, this was the first event NOVA has co-sponsored with SJSU and looks forward to partnering with them in the future. From SJSU: “[NOVA] I can't thank you enough for coordinating and facilitating the panel - it was a first-rate job - and for your willingness to partner with us on the project as a whole. I look forward to the continued partnership.”