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Silicon Valley Commute Patterns, Worker Dislocation and Disparity in Workforce Funding: a White Paper

According to the U.S. Census, on a daily basis there is a net influx of more than 160,000 workers commuting into the seven cities that comprise the NOVA service area. And when these workers lose their jobs, which can happen often given the continuous churn of the dynamic technology industry that is unique to Silicon Valley, they come to NOVA for assistance looking for work. NOVA serves a disproportionate share of individuals who live in other parts of the Bay Area, but are looking for work in the heart of Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) formula funding is tied to where people live, not work, so NOVA does not receive funding to serve the many workers who are commuting into this area with hopes of finding work. However, NOVA is committed to universal access and continues to serve these job seekers, which also supports local employers who require talent to grow their businesses. NOVA has just produced a white paper about this anomaly that is being shared with community leaders and other key decision-makers.

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