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Customers Rate NOVA Services

On a bi-annual basis, NOVA conducts a customer satisfaction survey of its job seeker customers. The results from the latest survey, for the period July 1 thru December 31, 2013, have been released and were very positive: 93.1 percent rated the level of customer service at the Job Center as met or exceeded expectations; 93.2 percent rated the overall quality of the offerings provided as met or exceeded expectations; 85.8 percent rated the availability/accessibility of career advising appointments as met or exceeded expectations; and 87 percent rated the quality of the career advising as met or exceeded expectations. Highlights of some of the comments received included:

  • “Great staff, great service”;
  • “Promatch is an eye opening wealth of volunteers and programs that have taught me how to search, network, apply, and interview as well as an unbelievable network of a-list professionals.”; 

  • “I did not expect to get such great help, and I certainly did not expect everyone there to be so kind and genuine in their desire to help me.”;

  • “The staff has been amazing and extremely informative, and it is a very welcoming place. I have learned so much and feel like I’m in the midst of a deep and great transformation. Thank you!”;

  • “I find all the work done at NOVA very useful and supportive. A wonderful resource, which I’ve shared with many of my friends and ex-colleagues. Highly recommended.”;

  • “I had high expectations for professional quality help. NOVA delivered!”;

  • “Actually, it didn't exceed expectations, but that is only because I had heard great things about NOVA already ;-)”; and,
  • “Classes taught at NOVA are informative and are based on current industry trends. I attended Resume Facts class, and learned a lot of useful information that helped my resume get noticed which resulted in more interviews and multiple job offers. This is all possible because of NOVA and their great staff who really care about helping people get back to work.”

As with all of its customer satisfaction surveys, NOVA will use the results to continue to improve upon the customer experience at the Job Center.