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A Success Story

ProMatch, a collaborative of NOVA and the  CA Employment Development Department, is a self-directed member-driven program where job seekers from the professional fields obtain the right connections, services and resources necessary for a proactive and successful job search. A success story is described below from customer Steve Wright:

I was laid off in May, and was really not looking forward to starting my search again. I've been laid off before (a normal part of our business, I'm afraid). I was basically depressed and not at all motivated to search for my next opportunity. I took the summer off. I joined Nova. I heard about ProMatch, and thought "I don't need a bunch of unemployed folks telling me I'm worthy, and pushing positive attitude, etc." I could not have been more wrong.

A couple of friends (also laid off with me) joined ProMatch and threatened to disown me if I didn't join, so I did, with some concern that I might be wasting my time. Again, I was wrong. The safe environment ProMatch provides is invaluable. Nowhere else can you do an interview and get honest, straight feedback on what you did well or what you messed up on. I cannot stress how important this is. You go on real interviews in the real world, and you either get the job or you don't. You never know why in either case. In ProMatch, you can do an interview with a panel of folks and get honest feedback so you can correct behaviors. I don't know of anywhere else you can get this kind of critical feedback.

The training classes on how to use LinkedIn (the most popular job search method today), write a good resume, create effective business cards, etc. are simply incredible. They go into far more useful detail than I received with the outplacement service my ex-company paid for.

But the most useful thing to me ended up being the wonderful, supportive atmosphere. The smiling faces, and yes, the folks telling me I'm worthy, and having nothing but well wishes for everyone there. Connie and Bob [ProMatch staff] foster this environment, and have built a truly unique and wonderful place for those of us that had all but given up.

[This customer is now gainfully employed as a senior program manager, contracting to a major high-tech company.]