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Customers Rate NOVA Services 

On a bi-annual basis, NOVA conducts a customer satisfaction survey of its job seeker customers. The results from the latest survey have been released and were very positive: 93 percent of participants surveyed were satisfied with the level of customer service they received at the NOVA Job Center; 93 percent were satisfied with the availability/accessibility of career advising appointments; 91 percent were satisfied with the quality of the career advising appointments; and 94 percent were satisfied with the overall quality of the offerings provided at the NOVA Job Center. A sample of the comments received from customers included:

  •      “Life changing info about training — wish I had heard of NOVA’s full program of resources sooner!”;
  •      “The advisors are very knowledgeable and all the staff has been welcoming. It makes a difference - being unemployed is stressful and they have learned my name. It's a respite while I search.”;
  •      “NOVA maintains an outstanding reputation within the community of workforce centers.”;
  •      “Career Advisor and ProMatch were instrumental in my finding employment.”; and
  •       “Don't know what I would do without it [NOVA Job Center]- it is my LIFESAVER!!”

NOVA will continue to use the feedback received from customer surveys to improve upon the services provided to its customers.