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Research Study on ProMatch Program

NOVA is embarking on a new research project with WestEd, funded by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. WestEd is a research, development and service agency that works in collaboration with the education community to promote education excellence. In the past, WestEd and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation have been partners with NOVA on a regional Workforce Innovations Grant, and last year they visited NOVA to explore new opportunities to work together. As a result of this visit and subsequent conversations, WestEd will be conducting a research study of ProMatch, a collaborative program of NOVA and the California Employment Development Department, that serves job seekers from the professional fields. The purpose of this study is to capture why the program is so successful. The study will seek to identify how current customers and staff perceive the value of the program, what outcomes this program achieves, the factors that contribute to its success, and ways ProMatch could be effectively replicated elsewhere. Information will be collected through interviews and surveys of Promatch customers (current and former) and staff and will be compared with similar models across the state. NOVA anticipates the results of this research study, expected to be completed by December 31, 2015, could be applied to better serve other target populations and will be shared among workforce development agencies, statewide.