New Board Members Appointed

At the May 20, 2014 Sunnyvale City Council meeting, the Council appointed five new members to the NOVA Board. These stellar individuals will bring the knowledge, skills and expertise that will be invaluable to the Board in positioning itself for the next wave of innovation and prepare job seekers for employment in the 21st Century economy:

Sinéad Borgersen,
Senior Human Resources Business Partner
CA Technologies
CA Technologies is a global software company providing IT management solutions for all environments, from mainframe infrastructure to cloud computing, for leading Fortune 500 companies. In business for more than thirty years, CA Technologies employs 13,600 employees worldwide, 423 employees in Santa Clara. As Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Sinéad is responsible for employees in the Santa Clara office and serves as a global human resource relationship partner for two General Managers and three Senior Vice Presidents and their respective business units in North America. Sinéad brings to the Board a wealth of professional experience in a variety of disciplines, specific knowledge of the Information Technology sector, and a particular commitment to special needs populations through her community service.

Julian Chu,
Director of Global Customer Services
Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, which is accomplished through its expanding range of products including its popular search engine, the Chrome browser, and Gmail that today serves millions of customers, worldwide. Founded in 1998, Google employs 40,000 employees globally, 15,000 employees locally. As Director of Global Customer Services, Julian oversees a team that provides education, services and account management for global advertisers who use Google’s advertising products via at-scale technologies including social media, apps, communities, and mobile platforms. Julian brings to the Board a diverse private sector background, extensive networks in the technology and venture capital communities, and a specific commitment to youth through his community service.

Ben Field,
Executive Officer
South Bay Labor Council
The South Bay Labor Council’s goal is to promote policies and causes that benefit working families through a variety of activities including community organizing, leadership training, campaigning, issues advocacy, and labor market research through its affiliated Working Partnerships. Founded more than 50 years ago, the Labor Council employs 4.5 employees and represents 89 unions and over 100,000 union members in Santa Clara and San Benito counties. As Executive Officer, Ben oversees all activities of the organization including internal governance, community organizing, union support efforts, public relations, fundraising, political campaigns, and lobbying. Ben brings to the Board the perspective of organized labor and the beneficial ties between labor and the local workforce system and a commitment to increasing living wage jobs.

Anita Manwani,
Founder and CEO
Carobar Business Solutions
Carobar Business Solutions is a small business providing a wide range of software and services in program management to address the needs of businesses in data analysis and reporting, website design and content, forms processing, forecasting analytics, market research, online solutions, and information technology support in implementing the federal Affordable Care Act. As Founder and CEO, Anita is responsible for all aspects of the company’s operations, business development, and its six employees. Prior to starting her own business, Anita held executive-level positions with some of the leading technology companies in Silicon Valley. Anita brings to the Board an entrepreneurial approach, extensive experience working in the private sector, in both large companies and startups, and has served on community boards in education.

Jennifer Morrill,
Senior Commercial Counsel
LinkedIn Corporation
LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, with more than 225 million members, in over 200 countries. Through its proprietary platform, members are able to create and share their professional identity online, build their professional networks, and find employment opportunities enabling them to be more successful. Founded in 2003, LinkedIn employs more than 5,000 employees locally, with offices in 26 cities worldwide. As Senior Commercial Counsel, Jennifer supports commercial deals for several business units in business development, marketing and publishing, and co-manages the company’s pro bono legal services. Jennifer brings to the Board in-depth knowledge of the online networking industry that will help NOVA reach a broader audience and assist its customers leverage resources to support their job search.