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A NOVA Success Story:
Step into Your Magnificence!

Customer Kel Kanady describes her experiences at the NOVA Job Center and Promatch.

“In 2012, I began the difficult journey of searching for a new job. I was trying to do it alone, not realizing that the job search world had changed.

A friend told me about NOVA’s ProMatch networking program, but I hesitated to make a regular drive to Sunnyvale. After various frustrating job search experiences, I gave in and attended an orientation where I learned more about the NOVA Job Center and ProMatch.

Through NOVA, I attended workshops where I learned to overcome objections, take control of an interview, and perhaps most importantly, I learned the power of LinkedIn and how to network to empower my job search. I also took classes in PowerPoint and Excel to boost my resume and confidence level. The front desk staff is first-class. They show respect and kindness to people who enter shell-shocked and bruised over recent job loss.

The skills I learned at NOVA helped me to obtain contract work while continuing my search for permanent employment. I soon found myself called in for several layers of interviews, but still I couldn’t quite conquer the final hurdle. That’s when I turned to ProMatch.

By the time I reached ProMatch, my confidence was low and so was my hope for an opportunity on the level of my former job. Previously a content manager, I had been responsible for multiple publications and various public relations projects. I am an exceptional writer with editing experience. Yet when I joined ProMatch, I introduced myself as a copywriter.

ProMatch puts participants on a schedule of productivity. While taking on leadership roles, members build self-confidence and learn the subtle techniques to step ahead of the field. I landed a dream job that uses the skill set I have and will allow me to grow into much more.

When I first heard the ProMatch line, ‘Step into your Magnificence’, I thought it was a little corny, but that is exactly what I am about to do.”