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Technology Solutions for California’s Long-Term Unemployed: A New Research Study

A few months ago, the State released a one-time opportunity for local workforce investment boards to compete for a small pot of funding for innovative opportunities, called Workforce Accelerator Grants. NOVA was awarded a $140,000 grant to collaborate with Transmosis to conduct research on current internet-based job placement and sorting instruments and explore ways to capitalize on these applications to support the reemployment of the long-term unemployed. Transmosis is a small nonprofit organization of technology entrepreneurs committed to improving job placement of unemployed workers. Additional collaborative partners for this initiative include former director of the California Employment Development Department Michael Bernick of the Milken Institute, Emerge Digital Group, an advisory group of senior technology entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, employers organizations, and workforce experts in technology and information intelligence, among others.

In an article posted on Michael Bernick’s June 27 blog, "Hiding in Plain Sight: the Labor Pool at our Doorstep", Chase Norlin, CEO of Emerge Digital Group, describes the need to tap into the talent pool of unemployed workers.