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Regional Slingshot Initiative

Slingshot is a California Workforce Development Board-sponsored statewide initiative with the goal to accelerate income mobility through regional collaboration using a four-phase process. In June, NOVA was awarded a grant to launch a Slingshot initiative in this region, on behalf of a broad collaborative, to target employer-informed strategies and multiple pathways for moving up workers from entry-level jobs into middle skill careers that are competitive and economically sustainable. The intent is to address the talent requirements of Bay Area employers and the needs of regional populations that are increasingly disconnected from the fast-changing economic mainstream and access to middle-wage occupations. The lead partners for this venture consist of the three local workforce boards that represent the region, specifically, San Francisco, NOVA and San Jose’s work2future that will be working together as the Workforce Innovation Network (WIN).

With this initial grant, WIN will be launching the design phase of this initiative and that is convening diverse stakeholders that represent government, business, education, labor, community-based organizations and philanthropic organizations, among others in a daylong session where the community begins addressing key strategic questions around the project leading to the development and implementation phases. In the near future, NOVA will be reaching out to you to invite you to this design session and we hope you’ll join us in what promises to be a game-changer in addressing the growing gap in Silicon Valley between those who are experiencing great economic success and those who are being left behind.