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New Workforce Accelerator Initiatives:
Moving the Needle for the Underserved

In May, NOVA and its partners were awarded several Workforce Accelerator grants from the California Workforce Development Board, as follows:

  • Bay Area Networking Catalyst Initiative: a partnership with Yes We Code and the Economic Advancement Research Institute. Yes We Code has created Coding Corps to train underrepresented workers to become web and mobile app developers. In order for these students to enjoy sustained career success it will be important for them to access professional networks and acquire networking skills. This funded project will introduce Yes We Code to the ProMatch model and customize ProMatch’s best practices for the Yes We Code students and graduates. The resulting network will promote career retention for current students and create a statewide model for fostering authentic tech diversity programs. Through this project, NOVA will also better understand how to adapt the ProMatch model to underrepresented populations that it can apply to its services going forward. Approximately 40 job seekers are expected to be served through this project. The grant award is $150,000.

  • Disability Employment Accelerator Project: a partnership with EvoLibri Consulting, Expandability, and the Milken Institute. The project will work with major Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) employers interested in expanding their employment and retention of persons on the autism spectrum to develop a training and retention program; recruit, screen and enroll at least 20 unemployed persons on the autism spectrum; and implement the training/retention model at each employer site. The grant award is $178,571.

  • Career Mapping Initiative (CMap): NOVA is a partner in a project initiated by Upwardly Global, an agency that provides job search and placement assistance to newly arrived immigrant professionals. The project will prototype a best-in-class private sector career mapping assessment tool, developed by Virgil, that will enable job seekers to quickly assess their skill-sets and competitiveness for in-demand jobs, address any up-skilling needs, and target their job search that will move the needle on employment. If successful, this tool could be utilized in NOVA’s service-delivery system. Approximately 40 job seekers are expected to participate in this project. The grant award is $150,000.

For more information about all of the Workforce Accelerator grant awards, please visit the California Workforce Development Board webpage.