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A NOVA Success Story

Mike was an Operations Specialist 1st Class in the U.S. Navy from 2007 until he separated in 2011. After a year of being unemployed after leaving the Navy and getting nowhere applying for IT contracting jobs in the Monterey area, he relocated to Silicon Valley to focus on getting a civilian IT job. Mike had had a few interviews and received feedback that his technical skills were outdated. He was interested in getting some training assistance through NOVA to update his skills.

Mike felt that a barrier in his job search was understanding how his military skills translated into civilian skills. He had IT credentials and experience prior to being activated by the military, but his experience and certifications ended in 2007, and things had changed considerably by the fall of 2012. He attended a resume workshop, and his NOVA career advisor provided some suggestions on how to “civilianize” his resume. He practiced interviewing through mock interviews, and found it helpful to work with other motivated unemployed career seekers.

Mike says that pivotal to his success was attending a two-week IT boot camp in December 2012 that brought his IT credentials current to achieve Windows Server 2012 MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert).

Mike’s studies paid off when he obtained a full-time position as a systems engineer with Project Hosts in early 2013. He recently received a raise and bonus and is now helping to recruit other veterans for his company.