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New Online Job Search Curriculum

In an effort to continue to improve upon its services and the customer experience, NOVA will shortly be launching new online job search tools. These tools are intended to complement the current services NOVA provides to its customers and reinforce the content customers learn from career advisors and through workshops. To support these online tools, NOVA will be redesigning the PowerUp Your Job Search workshop and Job Search Plan Labs where customers will be taught how to make the best use of this new online platform so they can capitalize on its benefits and practice what they’ve learned.  Once this redesign is completed in February, the site will be widely promoted to all NOVA customers to access on their own time and at their own pace and to NOVA’s community partners and stakeholders. In the meantime, career advisors will be demonstrating the site in their individual meetings with customers. In the future, NOVA intends to make these tools available to all organizations that assist individuals find employment, both locally and globally.

Online curriculum is a growing trend in the education and training communities as demonstrated in the increasing popularity of online courses offered through Udacity, Coursera and Khan Academy. In addition, the Wadhwani Foundation in Palo Alto has launched a new “Race to a Job” national initiative that will capitalize on online curriculum to increase skill levels for disadvantaged workers and is working in partnership with NOVA on the career navigation component to facilitate re-employment. Recently, the Foothill-De Anza Community College District was awarded a $16.9 million state grant through the Governor’s groundbreaking Online Education Initiative to provide a universal online learning platform free to all community colleges across the state. In the coming year, NOVA hopes to work with Foothill-De Anza on this initiative utilizing its online job search tools to support the skill development students are receiving through the community college system, so when students have completed their studies they will be able to find employment.