A NOVA Success Story

When Rose came to NOVA, she had been out of work since May 2013. Rose had worked in advertising and marketing for the last 10 years but was interested in transitioning into either database administration or computer programming. Facing a tough job market, Rose and her NOVA training advisor discussed the reality of competing for programming jobs with those with significant education and experience in the field. Rose realized that she needed to have both a long-term and a short-term goal. A good short-term goal would be for her to get skills that would get her foot in the door in the technical field, while continuing to pursue additional computer programming education for the long-term.

Rose attended all of NOVA's on-site Microsoft Office classes and took full advantage of NOVA's various workshops, including Resume Facts, Informational Interviewing, Basic Interview Practice, Behavior-Based Interviewing, and many others - some more than once! Rose also chose to explore Software Quality Assurance training at Portnov Computer School. She visited the school, passed the entrance exam, and started her QA training. After several months of intense training at Portnov and with assistance from NOVA on her resume, job search and interviewing skills, Rose landed a paid internship at QVC as a software tester. Rose continued her job search while in this internship and recently shared her good news that she has landed a six month contract with Google as a QA engineer. She plans to further her computer science studies on her own. Rose says, "At NOVA, I not only improved my technical skills and people skills, but more importantly I did not have time to feel sorry for myself or sad for my future. I just followed NOVA's program and worked on what it takes."