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NOVA Success Story: Joseph Loo

NOVA customer Joseph Loo describes his success story:

“I’ve been working as a microwave/rf [radio frequency]/antenna electrical engineer for over 20 years, and have been a NOVA customer three times! During my last layoff, NOVA staff came and spoke to my group and it was good for all of us to hear about the current services offered.

This go-around, I took advantage of a number of workshops including Job Search Tips for the Mature Worker and Behavior-Based Interviewing. The instructors are really knowledgeable, and the workshops are very helpful; I’ve been very impressed. Also, ProMatch is great. You’re not just learning from the workshops – it’s also a support network. It lets you feel like you have a purpose each day of the week; it’s a place where you can be productive in advancing your career goals. There are a lot of good, very experienced people to learn from.  I was fortunate to be part of a very productive success team.

I wanted to broaden my career outlook and increase prospects outside of the industry I had been working in and found training in an Embedded Systems program to be a good fit. I attended classes through UC Santa Cruz Extension and have just one to go to complete my certificate. I’ll need to do it online because I’ve just moved to Colorado for a new job!

I credit NOVA especially for the soft skills and interview training I received.  In Behavior-Based Interviewing, I received a list of about 50 questions that I reviewed. That helped a lot in getting me prepared and focused for my interviews.  Also, I had a couple of PSRs (problem, solution, results) ready and was able to use them.

I’m settling into my new job at Lockheed Martin and taking on more responsibility. NOVA’s services gave me more confidence and helped me obtain a job that I enjoy and is a good fit.  As a repeat customer, I can truthfully say that I’ve used other career enhancing services and found NOVA to be the best.”