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A Year in Review: Customer Demand Continues

Even in a successful job market such as Silicon Valley, the high demand for NOVA services from job seekers continues to be robust due to the churn common in a technology-driven economy. This past year, NOVA saw only a slight decline in the total number of customers served at the NOVA Job Center in Sunnyvale, but an increase in some of the services requested. The chart, below, shows the service statistics for the last fiscal year, July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017, and a comparison with the previous year.

NOVA Job Center

   FY 2015/16    

   FY 2016/17    
# New Customers 3,368 3,280
# Customer Visits (1/day)    41,707 38,241
# Unique Customers 4,345 4,193
# Total Services Provided: 54,984 48,538
    # Career Advising Appointments    8,521 7,822
    # Workshop Participants 7,181 8,388
    # Computer & Professional Effectiveness   
       Class Attendees
1,154 982
# ProMatch Visits/Services 16,122 12,531
Average # of client visits/day 166 157