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LinkedIn Event for Youth Practitioners

Last spring, LinkedIn for Good launched Engage In initiative to tackle the issue of global youth unemployment and NOVA was selected as a local partner in Sunnyvale. Since the initial launch, NOVA has worked with LinkedIn on a variety of activities including the highly successful youth event last May. Additional events have been planned and, on August 28, LinkedIn hosted a special event for NOVA’s partners who work with youth.

One of the most important contributions NOVA can make to the community’s youth is connecting professionals who work with them with innovative tools to effectively guide youth in their career development quest. Twenty practitioners from NOVA’s youth partner agencies attended the August event representing career advisors from local high schools, community colleges and universities, and community-based organizations in the eight-jurisdiction consortium.

The afternoon session began with LinkedIn employees working one-on-one with participants to demonstrate the tools that LinkedIn offers that can assist them in their work with youth. For example, a youth may identify a college he/she wishes to attend and through LinkedIn the career advisor can assist the youth in learning more about the acceptance requirements. A youth may identify, as part of his/her career goals, a company he/she may wish to work for and through LinkedIn the career advisor can identify the credentials and skill-sets the company’s employees possess that can help shape future career strategies. In addition, professional networks can be identified through LinkedIn that career advisors can work with youth to contact. LinkedIn employees then critiqued participants’ LinkedIn profiles and introduced new features that the career advisors can use in improving their youth customers’ profiles. Finally, the event wrapped up with a tour of LinkedIn and a discussion about career opportunities there. From the feedback received from participants, the event was a big success.

LinkedIn continues to be an invaluable partner to NOVA and we are very grateful for their support.