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A Year in Review

Over the past year and despite the economic recovery, NOVA continues to serve a large number of job seekers, specifically 7,063, although it is far fewer than in years past during the worst of the economic downturn. In addition, NOVA is providing a higher volume of services to fewer customers. The reason for this is that with more jobs available customers with competitive skills are becoming re-employed relatively quickly leaving the less prepared workers with greater needs accessing more services from NOVA for longer periods of time. The following chart shows the number of customers served and the volume of services provided by NOVA this past year compared with the previous three years as the local technology-driven economy has slowly moved out of the “Great Recession.” NOVA will continue to utilize this information to better align services with the changing needs and demands of our customers.

  July 2009–
June 2010
July 2010–
June 2011
 July 2011–
June 2012
July 2012–
June 2013 
 # Clients Served/Year
7,566  7,063
Total # Services Provided —   136,920
136,641 106,305
 # Career Advisor Appointments
9,822  9,499
 #  Workshop Participants
16,302  13,352
 #  Class Attendees
2,633 2,097
 #  Employer Presentation Attendees
Average # of Client Visits/Day   394
385  364

This past year, NOVA also exceeded its performance measures' goals in serving adults and dislocated workers in employment placement, employment retention and average earnings. In addition, NOVA exceeded its performance measures' goals in serving youth in employment/education placement, attainment of degree or certification, and literacy/numeracy gains.

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