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A NOVA Success Story:
tacey Pang in Her Own Words

A career-changer in December 2011, I received my MBA and finished the last of my successful internships in high tech marketing. Since hiring is limited in tough economic times, my employer was unable to offer me a permanent position. I then spent 7 months searching for a permanent marketing position. Although I have over 9 years of engineering and marketing experience at Fortune 500 companies, I lacked the depth of marketing experience my competitors had. A friend referred me to the CONNECT Job Seeker Center CONNECT Job Seeker Center as well as the Promatch program in Silicon Valley, which is funded jointly by both EDD and NOVA. 

ProMatch's operating model is unique: 3 hard-working staff members and 200 job-seeker volunteers provide full-day programming five days a week. Over the course of five months, I took workshops and classes at NOVA and ProMatch, took on a leadership role with ProMatch, and eventually led interviewing workshops. By learning and volunteering alongside other highly educated, experienced Silicon Valley professionals, I regained my confidence, further developed my networking and interviewing skills, and honed the soft skills required for my job. 

In January 2013, I accepted an offer for a permanent position as a solutions marketing manager at Dell Wyse, a rapidly growing Dell business unit. Although I'm still very new here, the company, team culture, and role are a very good fit so far. I'm grateful for the help I received and highly recommend ProMatch and the CONNECT Center to all Bay Area job seekers. These programs not only enabled me to win the offer, but also set me up for future success. The deep networking relationships I now have with experienced and even senior level people across broad business disciplines will be invaluable throughout my career and would have been impossible had we not shown up to volunteer and rely on each other.  

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