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Promoting Adoption of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Last year, NOVA, as part of the Silicon Valley Electric Vehicle (EV) Opportunity collaborative, was awarded a $250,000 Regional Industry Clusters of Opportunity (RICOG) State grant to identify the workforce needs of the emerging electric vehicle industry cluster. The initiative’s work culminated in an employer forum at Google in January and a comprehensive report.

In June, the State awarded NOVA a $46,998 grant in additional funding, under RICOG II, to promote the adoption of electric vehicle charging stations in multi-unit dwellings. Over 90 percent of Nissan Leaf electric vehicle owners live in single-family dwellings. At the same time, 34 percent of Californians and 67 percent of San Franciscans live in multi-dwelling units which do not have charging stations and represent barriers for residents in accessing and utilizing EV vehicles.

To kick off this new venture, on July 28, the Silicon Valley EV Opportunity collaborative hosted a roundtable discussion on electric vehicle infrastructure growth in the region for a group of industry leaders and state officials. Held at the San Jose Convention Center, the event featured a panel discussion with panelists: Ray Jenks of PlugShare (moderator); John Kalb of EV Charging Pros; Obrie Hostetter of NRG eVgo; Brian Nelson of the City of San Jose; Harry Hobbs of InterContinental Hotels Group; and David Peterson of Nissan North America. Discussion topics focused on the challenges and opportunities of increasing the deployment of EV charging stations in multi-unit dwellings, hotels and retail facilities. 

Information from this roundtable and other sources will be used to develop a strategy and approach for streamlining access to electric vehicle charging stations in multi-dwelling units and other venues.