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Spotlight on NOVA Board Member Anita Manwani of Carobar Business Solutions

NOVA Workforce Board member Anita Manwani is founder and principal of Carobar Business Solutions in Redwood City. Prior to starting her own business, Ms. Manwani held senior positions with some of the leading technology companies in Silicon Valley. Ms. Manwani brings to the NOVA Workforce Board extensive experience working in the private sector, in both large companies and startups, and has served on community boards in education and is an American Leadership Fellow. Her expertise and entrepreneurial approach will be invaluable to the Board as it continues to reinvent NOVA services in response to changing trends and retooling the workforce for jobs in emerging industries. “This is a huge opportunity to leverage government funding and Board networks towards creating meaningful employment in the region. I believe it is a challenge to get local business leaders to expand their recruiting to NOVA customers. No unemployed person would be left behind if we could overcome this challenge in Silicon Valley,” said Ms. Manwani.

Carobar Business Solutions is a small business providing a wide range of software and services in program management to address the needs of businesses in data analytics, performance testing, market research, healthcare technology and IT support.