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A NOVA Success Story: Noriko Loveridge

Noriko Loveridge came to NOVA via a flyer her son found at his high school. She hadn't been employed in almost 14 years and needed to return to work. She has a BA degree and had studied graphic design, and decided she wanted to enter this field. She had been volunteering at a non-profit as a graphic designer to gain work experience for her new career. However, job searching after all this time was not easy and she needed help and support.

Noriko and a NOVA career advisor discussed the realities of a career as a graphic designer, including the importance of building a portfolio to showcase her work. Noriko also sought out feedback on her resume, and took the advisor's suggestions to heart to better highlight her skills and experience and draw attention to her online portfolio.  

All of her efforts paid off when she was offered a position at Saki America. It's a part-time contract position but suits her current situation just fine, given her lack of recent experience. As Noriko says, "It's like I am in a rehabilitation stage to start walking slowly." As it's a small office, she gets involved in almost everything, which was "very confusing in the beginning. But it's good experience for me to learn in various areas. I can use this as my first step to lead to a more desirable job in the future."  

Noriko summed up her time at NOVA: "The experiences and knowledge I gained at NOVA were very useful and I was glad I stopped by and joined. Thank you very much for all the support."