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[NOVA] Report to NOVA Consortium: Summer 2016
   Summer 2016

Creating a new vision and pathway forward... We are excited about the implementation of the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and have been working with the community to chart a course for our future workforce system. In the spring, our region's workforce development partners developed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). While many of these partners have been working together for years, this MOU marks a new beginning and opportunity to create a visionary plan and unified service delivery model that best meets the diverse needs of our shared customers. I'd like to thank you for participating in this MOU and look forward to working with you in the coming years. 

We are now moving forward with developing the WIOA local and regional plans and I will be reaching out to all of you for input and guidance as we establish a roadmap that works for all of our customers. 

There is a lot happening these days and you will read more about it in this latest edition. Please share it with your colleagues and enjoy!
Warmest regards,
Kris Stadelman
NOVA Director 


A Year in Review: Strong Economy but Demand for Services Continues
This past year, the NOVA Job Center in Sunnyvale experienced a slight decline in customers served due to a strong job market. However, even in an robust economy, many job seekers are still needing reemployment assistance and retraining to transition from obsolete occupations to growing sectors where they are more likely to find employment. The year-end service statistics for the NOVA Job Center reflect this continued demand and are highlighted below, with a comparison to the previous year.

NOVA Job Center
    Total FY'14-15
      Total FY'15-16
# New Customers
# Customer Visits (1/day)
# Unique Customers
# Total Services Provided:
          # Career Advising
          # Workshop Participants
          # Computer & Professional                Effectiveness Classes
# ProMatch Visits/Services
New customers continue to seek services from NOVA everyday, which can be attributed to the recent uptick in churn and disruption in a technology-driven economy triggered by new innovations. 
Customer Satisfaction Survey Results: 
NOVA Job Center


Biannually, NOVA surveys customers to assess their level of
satisfaction with the services they receive through the NOVA service-delivery system. The results of the year-end survey for
the NOVA Job Center in Sunnyvale are now available and included: 

  • 94.6% of respondents were satisfied with the level of customer service they received at the Job Center; 
  • 90.0% were satisfied with the availability/accessibility of career advising appointments; 
  • 92.6% were satisfied with the quality/helpfulness of the career advising; and 
  • 95.6% were satisfied with the overall quality of the offerings at the Job Center. 

Comments included: "Customer Service is ABSOLUTELY THE VERY BEST you can get ANYWHERE."...


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Silicon Valley Ready to Work Initiative
In November 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor awarded NOVA a four-year Ready to Work grant, as part of a collaboration of four workforce boards in the region serving the
counties of Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, and southern Alameda County. The intent of this initiative is to close the gap between long-term unemployed job seekers looking for reemployment and tech employers searching for talent, with services that include individualized career advising, short-term skills training, contemporary job search navigation training, paid internships, and specialized support services. The project is in full swing and 429 job seekers have been served to date throughout the region, with 197 job seekers receiving services in the NOVA workforce area that includes San Mateo County. NOVA is partnering with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group to work with its employer members to identify internship and placement opportunities for program participants. Although many are still in training, 136 individuals have already found new employment.

A NOVA Success Story: Kalina Koinova
ProMatch, a collaborative of NOVA and the California Employment Development Department, is a member-driven program where job seekers from the professional fields obtain the right connections, resources, and encouragement necessary to engage in a proactive job search leading to successful reemployment. ProMatch customer Kalina Koinova describes her success story:
"As my third week of gainful employment at Spirent Communications is coming to an end, I wanted to express once more my gratitude to ProMatch. It not only helped me define what I am good at doing and how to talk about what I bring to an organization, but it also helped me ease into work life after months of unstructured life. Thank you for encouraging me to step up and for giving me the support and encouragement I needed every step of the way.
Time after time at work I find myself using the skills I learned or honed during my tenure at ProMatch. And what I've learned is paying off..."  

Spotlight on NOVA Board Chairperson Christopher Galy of Ten-X
NOVA Workforce Board Chairperson Chris Galy is the Chief People Officer of Ten-X in Belmont. He is responsible for overseeing all human resource operations, talent acquisition, talent development and employment branding efforts for Ten-X, driving programs that foster a people-centric culture across all of its offices nationwide. Mr. Galy brings to the NOVA Workforce Board more than 20 years of experience in the human resources field serving in leadership positions at Intuit, Xilinx, Harmonic, and Integrated Device Technology. In addition, he has a particular passion for and expertise with assisting veterans, who are returning home, find employment from his own personal experiences as a graduate of West Point and serving in the armed forces. Mr. Galy is also a board member of the community organization, VetsinTech, and was recently invited to the White House to participate in the 5th anniversary of the national Joining Forces Initiative

PeninsulaWorks Brand Retired

Since 2000, the PeninsulaWorks brand has been used by the federally-funded workforce development system providers in San Mateo County at the job centers
in San Mateo and Menlo Park. With San Mateo County joining the NOVA consortium in 2015, NOVA has retired the PeninsulaWorks brand, effective July 1, and replaced it with the NOVA name and logo. Services will continue uninterrupted
at these same locations, but under the NOVA Job Center moniker. This change will enable job seekers and businesses to locate all the services provided by the NOVA consortium and its contractors through a single portal, the NOVA website
. This should streamline access to the services available to customers where they live and work and promote more enhanced coordination among the providers at the two job centers in San Mateo County and the job center in Sunnyvale. Uniting the workforce development system under the NOVA brand also supports the spirit and intent of WIOA that fosters improved customer service and satisfaction, greater efficiencies and increased regional collaboration.

NOVA Awarded 2016 Top 100 Workplaces
Every year, the Bay Area News Group sponsors a Top 100 Workplaces feature through an employee survey, conducted by WorkplaceDynamics, of diverse public, private, nonprofit and governmental organizations in the Bay Area.  The survey measures satisfaction according to seven indicators: Alignment, Effectiveness, Connection, Leadership, My Manager, Engagement (loyalty, motivation and referral), and The Basics (pay, benefits, training and work/life balance). This year, NOVA participated in the survey and was awarded the Top 100 Workplaces honor in the small company category (less than 149 employees.) This is the second time NOVA has participated in this survey and both times NOVA was awarded the Top 100 Workplaces honor. To accept the award, NOVA Director Kris Stadelman was invited to attend a special event on June 23, hosted by the Bay Area News Group, and held at Levi's Stadium. 

New Resource for Labor Market Trends and Data

NOVA has contracted with the company, Chmura Economics and Analytics, to license a resource for labor market trends, data and reports. Chmura provides big labor data analytics by researching labor supply and demand from both the macro and micro levels and producing historic, current and predictive labor market reports. Data is aggregated from a variety of sources including the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Education, and California Employment Development Department, among other resources in an easy to use format that includes forecasting analytics. Accessing information is accomplished through a user-friendly website by posing a simple question or submitting a request for information and then obtaining a response in real-time. Already NOVA is seeing the value of this resource...
New Workforce Accelerator Initiatives:
Moving the Needle for the Underserved
In May, NOVA and its partners were awarded several Workforce Accelerator grants from the California Workforce Development Board, as follows:
  • Bay Area Networking Catalyst Initiative: a partnership with Yes We Code and the Economic
    Advancement Institute
    to introduce underrepresented tech workers to the ProMatch 
    model and the development of networking skills that will lead to career retention and advancement.
  • Disability Employment Accelerator Project: a partnership with EvoLibri Consulting, Expandability, and the Milken Institute to work with ICT employers to develop a training and retention program that will expand the employment opportunities for persons on the autism spectrum.
  • Career Mapping Initiative (CMap): a project initiated by Upwardly Global to prototype a best-in-class private sector career mapping assessment tool that will enable job seekers, who are newly arriving immigrant professionals, to quickly assess their skill-sets and competitiveness for in-demand jobs, address any up-skilling needs, and target their job search that will move the needle on employment.
IntheCommunity greencareers
Connecting Workforce to Green Careers

Video and Summer Workshop for Students
Since 2013, NOVA has participated in the multi-year Silicon Valley Electric Vehicle Opportunity Initiative (EVOI)funded by
the California Energy Commission and the California Workforce
Development Board Regional Industry Clusters of Opportunity Grants. The intent of this project is to promote the deployment of the electric vehicle industry in the region and prepare the workforce for jobs in this significant emerging cluster. This year, the initiative focused on connecting students to careers in advanced transportation. 
In August, the project released an inspirational and informative video that will be widely distributed to local schools and other community partners. In addition, Prospect Silicon Valley, a partner and industry intermediary in EVOI, hosted a hands-on summer workshop...
IntheCommunity transportation
New Transportation Apprenticeships

The California Energy Commission and California Workforce Development Board has awarded NOVA a new $250,000 Regional Industry Clusters of Opportunity Grant to support and enhance an ongoing apprenticeship program with the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (VTA), the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 265, Mission College and the Workforce and Economic Development program of the California Labor Federation. This grant will also support NOVA's efforts to help replicate the VTA model with the San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) and ATU Local 1574. The VTA program is building stackable apprenticeships for four job classifications: bus operator apprentice, junior track worker apprentice, junior overhead line apprentice and junior service mechanic apprentice.
IntheCommunity Slingshot
Slingshot Industry Roundtable Event

Last year, the California Workforce Development Board
awarded NOVA a Slingshot Initiative planning grant, on behalf
of the three workforce boards representing this region, specifically, NOVA, San Jose-based work2future and San Francisco Workforce Board. The goal of this initiative is to accelerate regional economic prosperity and income mobility through industry-led collaborations using a multi-phase approach. On June 21, NOVA hosted a Slingshot industry roundtable, comprised of representatives from a broad range of industry sectors, to gain a commitment from participants to take a leadership role in this venture and to further frame the issue - talent acquisition and retention of a diverse workforce in technology occupations - which will be the region's focus. The meeting was a great success and solidified vital support from this region's employers that will serve as the springboard for implementation. Six industry champions have been identified who will guide the development of the plan and process for this initiative going forward.

IntheCommunity LinkedIn
LinkedIn InDay Event for NOVA Youth

LinkedIn hosts InDay events as an opportunity to give back to the local community and "invest, inspire and innovate." For the past year, LinkedIn has partnered with NOVA on youth employment through several grant initiatives. As part of this collaboration, LinkedIn has also hosted special InDay events for NOVA's customers and, on May 20, hosted an event for youth at the LinkedIn campus in Sunnyvale. Through Fremont High School, De Anza College and Columbia Middle School, NOVA recruited over 100 youth to participate in the May 20 event with a focus on learning more about leadership, future careers and themselves. 

IntheCommunity inthecommunity
In the Community

The Gig Economy

Research Project: On July 20, NOVA hosted a visit from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), who is conducting research on the new Gig economy and its impact on workers, employers and the economy. The Gig economy refers to the growing trend in short-term contract work or "gigs" such as those offered by Uber or TaskRabbit. This research is being conducted at the request of U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), who has been an active voice on the Gig economy to ensure that both employers and workers are benefiting and that workers are adequately protected. 

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